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Business ethics and the environment

Flexfill s.r.o. and NCH Distribution s.r.o. follow the 90-year old tradition of the NCH group, which is dedicated to respecting business ethics, legal and environmental regulations of the Czech Republic and other countries where the products are exported. NCH enforces these professional standards at all management levels.

Flexfill and NCH Distribution have adopted ISO 9001-certified quality control standards , ISO 14001-certified standards for environmental protection, reducing power consumption and volumes of production waste and health and safety regulations are certified under OHSAS 18001.

Integrated system policy of Flexfill and NCH Distribution companies
 IMS Policy.pdf  

The policy of prevention of serious accidents caused by selected hazardous chemical substances or chemical agents
Flexfill Policy PZH.pdf   NCH Distribution Policy PZH.pdf

ISO certificates of NCH Europe
NCH Europe Certificate ISO.pdf  

Kosher Certificate
 NCH Europe Kosher Certificate

Halal certifikát
NCH Europe Halal Certificate

Testing laboratory quality policy
Testing laboratory quality policy (Czech language)

Certificate of Accreditation