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Flexfill s.r.o.

The Flexfill production plant was completed in 2006 in the Lovosice industrial zone in the Northwest Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, in the premises of a former sugar factory. Flexfill possesses modern manufacturing equipment allowing it to make products based on water, organic solvents, acids and enzymes.

The products made at Flexfill are mostly applied in industry, including surface protection, maintenance and cleaning, water treatment, lubrication, cooling and disinfection. Flexfill products are used for the most demanding applications, like power generating plants, food processing plants, and service facilities for agricultural and heavy equipment. Special disinfection chemicals serve in the food industry, in meat-packing plants, bakeries, dairies etc. Water treatment products are widely used in the building services sector, food processing, plastics manufacturing, and other industrial applications that need to prevent corrosion, scale buildup and microbiological contamination. Specialized solvent- and water-based products are used for degreasing and cleaning parts in industrial and automotive service applications. The ecological product line for water-based degreasing and surface protection has been developed by a Czech research institute that has been working in cooperation with NCH Corporation for many years.

In addition to production for NCH affiliates, Flexfill offers the Flexen product range of products for distributors and private label customers. Flexfill also offers custom production of chemical products according to specific customer requirements. Flexfill conducts research and development in its chemical and microbiological laboratories in addition to cooperation with NCH in the USA and with research institutes and universities across Europe.

Flexfill s.r.o. Siřejovická 1213, 410 02 Lovosice klikněte pro detail GPS: 50°30'26.99"N, 14°3'6.08"E