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NCH Distribution s.r.o.

NCH expanded its activities in the Czech Republic further in 2007 by constructing storage facilities next to Flexfill to provide the base for NCH Distribution s.r.o.

NCH Distribution is the European distribution division of NCH Corporation. This company stores and distributes NCH UK’s products.

NCH Distribution also has a production section specialized in the use of cryogenic technology to treat metals through extremely low temperatures. Cryo-treated metal parts acquire unique properties including exceptional wear resistance and toughness.

NCH Distribution offers the following services :

  • Sourcing and storage of products, semi-finished products, packaging and labels,
  • Product labeling,
  • Complex distribution services, including direct supplies to end customers,
  • Cryotechnology (special treatment of cutting parts by the effect of very low temperatures),
  • Analytic,
  • Quality control (e.g. measurements of pH and specific gravity).
NCH Distribution s.r.o. Siřejovická 1213, 410 02 Lovosice klikněte pro detail GPS: 50°30'39.60"N, 14°2'32.27"E